Robyn Ottolini is giving a shoutout to every ex-lover who ever felt invisible or unimportant in her fiery new lost love song, "Match for My Memory." The modern country track premieres exclusively via Taste of Country.

Ottolini co-wrote the dark, propulsive song with Emily Reid, and Mark Schroor and Erik Fintelman co-produced the track, which marks the first music Ottolini has released under a new distribution deal with Empire.

The singer-songwriter says her new music will be some of her most honest to date, and that's certainly reflected in the lyrics of "Match for My Memory." She reminds a former flame that even if they try to forget her by burning every physical reminder of their time together, "There's no match for my memory."

"I think this song is really important because when you go through a breakup, it can be easy to think that you’re not worth anything or you’re easily forgettable or that your ex, you know, didn’t know your worth," Ottolini reflects. "But this song is all about saying, 'You know what? I am amazing. I am the best of the best. And forgetting me is going to be very difficult for you.' And I just love that sentiment so much."

"We’re more important than we think, but you never feel that way right after a breakup,” she adds. "This song is a reminder to anyone who’s had someone leave them that you actually are important and unforgettable."

"Match for My Memory" is set for official release on Friday (April 28). The song is currently available for pre-save and pre-add across a wide variety of digital music providers.

Robyn Ottolini is set to hit the road opening for Shania Twain on the Eastern leg of Twain's Queen of Me Tour in Canada in June.

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