Gov. Ivey has won her battle for a healthcare science high school in Demopolis. It was one of her top priorities and she lobbied hard for it in her State-of-the-State Address in February, and more recently she pushed reticent lawmakers to approve it before the fast-approaching end to the 2024 legislative regular session.

The initial bill, HB163, passed unanimously in the House in April, and after a delay passed the Senate by of vote of 28 to 3 earlier last Thursday.

“The establishment of the Alabama School of Healthcare Sciences in Demopolis marks a significant step forward in educational innovation and healthcare readiness in our state,” said Governor Ivey. “This specialty high school will serve as a beacon of opportunity for students from across Alabama, particularly those from rural areas, offering them direct pathways into high-demand healthcare careers.”

Ivey acknowledged the leadership of Greensboro Democrat Senator Bobby Singleton and Tuscaloosa Republican Representative Cynthia Almond for their roles in guiding the legislation to passage.

A $26.4 million funding pledge from Bloomberg Philanthropies was contingent on the school’s establishment in Demopolis and is the first charitable donation of its kind in Alabama.

Healthcare in rural Alabama has been declining and supporters of the project believe it will increase youth interest in a career in the healthcare field.

The grant will provide educational opportunities to some 200 high school students in science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine and healthcare sciences fields beginning in 2026.

This Alabama’s fourth specialty school. It will join the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science, the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering, and the Alabama School of Liberal Arts in advanced educational opportunities.

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