Is this the first of more headlines coming announcing that college football will be canceled in 2020.  Let be clear, the Ivey league doesn't really depend on football to meet it's financial goals like the SEC or Power Five conferences across the country.

According to CBS Sports, an Ivey league source said, "Football hasn't been decided yet if it would be moved to the spring, but logistically, I don't know how that would work, you can't move all the sports to the spring; the logistics don't work. The soccer field is the lacrosse field. The scheduling would be a nightmare."

One thing we know for sure, it was the Ivey league that first canceled it's basketball conference tournament back in March, then others followed.  This is really interesting news to me as we Alabama fans look forward to fall football in Tuscaloosa.  I really think the local economies of cites like Knoxville, Baton Rouge, Gainesville, and Athens, Georgia GREATLY depend on fall football more than many larger cities across the country.  Football is just a way of life around here and I'm all for playing the game personally.  Even if that means only allowing 37 fans spaced 600 feet apart in Bryant Denny. #WildBillShow


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