Tuscaloosa County is 1-0 and our SLOBBER KNOCKER Game of The Week features a cat fight Friday night.  The Wildcats vs the Northridge Jaguars is always a good one and this year is no different.

Both teams bring 1st year coaches into this matchup, Bart Sessions at County High, Mike Vickery at Northridge.  Both teams have great QB's, Samuel Cooper in Royal Blue and Trevor Andrews for Northridge.

In my opinion, the best part of this matchup will be the running game.  The fact is, he who can run the ball usually wins.  Tuscaloosa County brings Randy Echols and his "shake and bake" running style while Northridge's Calvin Streak is just that...fast and very elusive.  I watched Calvin at practice and he reminds me of former Alabama GREAT David Palmer in the fact it's hard to get get him to the ground.

Tuscaloosa County is trying to prove that they are back, and a win vs Northridge would go a long way to prove this friday night.  The Jags are locked, loaded and ready and thats what makes this game our SLOBBER KNOCKER Game of the Week!!!