Former Alabama quarterback and current Miami Dolphin signal caller Tua Tagovailoa has had a pretty rough start to the new season.

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After all that's happened, it may be time for Tua to hang up the cleats.

He's been in the news lately when it comes to the NFL and its concussion protocol.

On September 25th, the Miami Dolphins were in a heated battle with the Buffalo Bills. During the game, Tua took a nasty fall to the ground and stumbled after trying to get up and shake off the hit.

The shocking thing was that shortly after being pulled from the game, Tua was on the field later in the game.

As if that wasn't bad enough, just four days later he was cleared to play again and suffered another nasty hit that left him on the ground visibly injured.

While laying on the ground, Tua's fingers were curled in an unusual-looking position.

The way his fingers were after that hit is known as a fencing response.

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According to Healthline, the fencing response is often seen when a player is knocked down or knocked out during full-contact athletic competitions such as football, martial arts, boxing, rugby, and hockey.

In all my years watching the NFL, I've never seen something like this.

This is especially scary when you start to think of things like CTE and how it affects NFL players.

Someone made a comparison and it really stuck with me.

"If you go bungee jumping, the cord snaps and you survive, why would you take that risk again and go bungee jumping after that incident?"

It makes so much sense because, at this point, Tua is literally gambling with this life.

I think it's time for him to hang up the cleats and look forward to life after the NFL. this game isn't worth someone's life.

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