We took to social media to ask if there was something you were told growing up that was a lie. I was told if I touched the thermostat the house would blow up. I did. It did not. A few of your responses...

* Eating hot,spicy food grows hair on your chest. Just on boys. I hoped.
* You get sick if you go outside in the winter with wet hair.
* If you cross your eyes they will stick that way.
* Swallow a watermelon seed and a watermelon will grow inside your stomach.
* It is against the law to drive barefoot.
* Sit too close to the TV and you will go blind.
* Too much candy gives you worms.
* Writing on your skin with ink causes ink poisoning.
* When you lie you get a black mark on your heart.
* If kids drink coffee it turns your feet black.
* If you drop the dish rag you can expect visitors.

Our parents told us most of the fibs.

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