When it comes to superheroes, Santa Claus is #1!  That's according to University of California-Irvine physics professor Michael Dennin, who tells Comic Book Resources that Santa would defeat any superhero he came up against.

“Santa is a superhero, in that he’s fighting against some of the negativity and bad things just in general that we focus on and he’s bringing kind of a joy and a goodness, and he celebrates that idea of giving. He doesn’t have an arch-enemy, so he’s not in that classic superhero mode, but he is saving us in some ways, which makes him, I think, a superhero".

Not that Santa would ever use his powers to defeat Superman, Dennin tells the Orange Country Register.  Santa is too jolly and too busy bringing joy to children around the world. But he could if he wanted to.

“Santa is a planner,” he says. “He could use kryptonite to defeat Superman. Santa, on the other hand, has no known weakness.”

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