Alabamians will remember the Summer of 2023 for its brutal heat and increased level of severe weather. Our fall season started very warm compared to the normal average.

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Now research shows that “September was the fourth straight month earth has set a new record high temperature,” said The Weather Channel.

From January to September 2023, the average global temperature has been 1.40°C above the preindustrial (1850-1900) average, according to Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S).

What is the Cause Behind this Increased Warmth?

A significant contributing element to this increased warmth can be attributed to the elevated temperatures of our ocean waters.

Another factor is El Niño.

The intensifying El Niño over the recent months has contributed partially to these record-breaking global temperatures, said The Weather Channel.


Record-Breaking Temperatures

Did you know there were 3,143 counties in the United States?

Out of those counties across the U.S., 111 reported their warmest September on record. Also, During the period from January to September, 317 counties experienced record warmth, and an additional 1,450 counties ranked among the top ten warmest for this year-to-date timeframe, said the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Is 2023 on Track to Register as Earth's Warmest Year Yet?

The northern hemisphere experienced its hottest summer on record in 2023, putting our planet on track to surpass the previous record set in 2016 and become the warmest year ever recorded, said The Weather Channel.

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