Alabama Shivers in Anticipation of Incoming Cold Air Surge

Get ready for a drastic temperature change in Alabama as a distinctly defined cold front will make its way across Alabama starting in the northwest and will impact our area later today.

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James Spann: “Coldest Air So Far”

To give you some perspective on the temperature difference, “temperatures will be in the 40s over the northern third of the state by mid-afternoon, while South Alabama is close to 80,” said James Spann, ABC 33/40, and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Chief Meteorologist.


West Alabama Monday Temperature Difference Guide

Temperatures will be falling across Alabama. Remember that as weather conditions change this could impact the hourly forecast.

Bibb County

Projected High of 68 °F

Noon: 66 °F

5 p.m.: 55 °F

Fayette County

Projected High of 58 °F

Noon: 53 °F

5 p.m.: 49 °F

Greene County

Projected High of 63 °F

Noon: 60 °F

5 p.m.: 53 °F

Hale County

Projected High of 66 °F

Noon: 64 °F

5 p.m.: 56 °F

Lamar County

Projected High of 57 °F

Noon: 49 °F

5 p.m.: 49 °F

Perry County

Projected High of 70 °F

Noon: 69 °F

5 p.m.: 59 °F

Pickens County

Projected High of 60 °F

Noon: 54 °F

5 p.m.: 50 °F

Sumter County

Projected High of 62 °F

Noon: 59 °F

5 p.m.: 53 °F

Tuscaloosa County

Projected High of 62 °F

Noon: 60 °F

5 p.m.: 54 °F

Walker County

Projected High of 60 °F

Noon: 55 °F

5 p.m.: 50 °F

How Long Will the Cold Last?

Our area should feel the impacts of this cold blast through Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday highs could reach the 50s as south Alabama will be in the 60s.

Spann said that “temperatures will drop into the upper 30s as far south as I-10 in far South Alabama. Thursday morning should be just as cold.”

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When Will the Warming Trend Kick In?

As quick as the cold blast entered Alabama, on Thursday the warm-up starts that afternoon. This pattern will continue over the following days into the weekend where highs are expected to be in the 70s with chilly lows in the 40s and 50s.

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