Oh, how I'd love to eat Bryant-Denny Stadium right now.  I'd start by eating the football player statues that stand so proudly on the front steps. I think I would venture over to the student section for a big chomp before attacking the ramps that leads fans to their seats.

I'm not sure how those little lights shine on that upper deck but I'd eat em right up.  I think I'd save the field for last and holler "Touchdown Alabama" while chewing this sweet stadium.

It may take me 2 or 3 days to devour this incredible creation because i'd really take my time and doing lots of milk to wash it all down.  It's a great big YUMMY Roll Tide today from 95.3 The Bear!

Sadly, this would fall right into that..."can't have yer cake and eat it too" issue for me personally.  ROLL TIDE :)

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