The terrible stories keep coming from the aftermath of the massacre at Route 91 Harvest Festival. A recent one involves a couple from Bakersfield, California, who were celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary when bullets rained down on the event.

Jack and Laurie Beaton were enjoying themselves and commemorating their special date that Sunday night while enjoying the last day of the festival. Then, chaos ensued.

“I’ve never experienced gunshots, but when I felt air go right past my arm I told my husband, ‘I don’t think that’s fireworks,’” Laurie told the Associated Press in a telephone interview from her home in Bakersfield, Calif.

“He told me, ‘Get down, get down, get down,’” and covered her body with his own, she recalls. “He told me, ‘I love you, Laurie’ and his arms were around me and his body just went heavy on me.

"I screamed his name and and he wasn’t answering me, there was a lot of blood," she related.

Laurie moved to safety with the belief that her husband was being attended to. She found out later that her husband was among the 58 casualties reported in the tragedy.

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