We have a bird nest in our carport. Baby birds will be here soon.

Last Tuesday, I noticed a bird flying in and out of our carport to the top right front corner. I stepped on a chair and snapped a pic of a nest. It was empty.


Like a child, I was disappointed there were no eggs. Late last week I posted about a bird intruding my living room. I put two and two together and concluded the bird that flew in my house was the bird building the nest on my carport.

Early Sunday morning I took a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some cinnamon rolls. When I opened the carport door, I saw the bird quickly fly away from the nest. I stepped back on the chair and snapped this pic. Nature is awesome. How long will it take for these eggs to hatch?


I hope when they do hatch that the mamma bird can fend off the neighborhood cats!

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