Last night, my wife 'ran to the store' for some bread. She came home with several bags and left the carport door open as she was bringing them inside. I heard her yell out my name from the kitchen. I thought we had an intruder.

A little bird had flown in the open carport door and caused quite the disturbance. I quickly ran and closed off the hallway door. We watched as the poor bird circled the ceiling fan - I turned it off.  It flew in and out of the kitchen, the living room, the toy room over and over, visibly scared and in a panic.The little guy was in our house for at least 5 min.

I opened the front door to our house and tried to 'shew' it out. The bird finally exhausted itself and landed in Brody's toy box. I swooped in and grabbed it. I snapped a pic before I turned it loose outside. It flew away into the night.

I'm not sure what kind of bird this is. Do you know?



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