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It seems like we always have to answer this question every season don't we?

Alabama has its bye week this week, which means one obvious thing, No Crimson Tide on the gridiron this weekend. So does anybody know what to do on a Saturday with no Alabama Football?

I suppose the easiest way to answer that question is "Well, just watch as much SEC Football as you can!" Look, I understand that sentiment, but do you really want to watch Mississippi State vs Vanderbilt? If your answer is yes, more power to you.

What about getting items done around the house? Certainly all of have a to-do list that has a few errands that have to be done. The problem with that is well, it is a bye week, and none of us want to do anything that involves work. We'd all rather lounge around after a long work week, plus we have to save our energy for next week's game!

So that's leaves with the option we just talked about, sitting around and doing nothing. Which might be the option I choose, but there's a slight problem with that.

I definitely can't sit still at all on any day of the week, jus ask my coworkers. If I don't get up and walk around at some point during the day at the station I might get stir crazy.

So how will you handle the bye week with no Alabama Crimson Tide Football on the schedule? Hopefully better than this energetic DJ!

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