Before you head out to do your Black Friday shopping and get the kiddos toys to put under the tree, you should take a look at the this list.

CBS claims Watch, or World Against Toys Causing Harm, has released their annual list of the world's worst toys. The nonprofit WATCH has been releasing its list for more than four decades.  Some of this year's toys on the list are:

-  Fidget spinners
-  A Wonder Woman "battle sword"
-  A remote-controlled Spider-Man drone
-  A  Disney-themed "stacking toy" for infants
-  Razor's "Heel Wheels" which transform children's shoes into roller skates
-  "Slackline" a tightrope tied between two trees.

WATCH claims fidget spinners contain small parts that can be a choking hazard, Mattel’s Wonder Woman sword has the potential to cause blunt-force injuries and Marvel’s Spider-Man drone has multiple rotating blades that can lead to eye and other bodily injuries.

The Toy Association, an industry trade group, dismissed WATCH's list as "needlessly frightening" because it says all toys sold in the U.S. meet "rigorous" safety standards.

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