Ok, I admit, I had it all wrong.  I thought that Boxing Day was the name we came up for to note the day after Christmas when we rushed to the stores to return gifts and take advantage of the after Christmas sales.  Half of that is sort of true, but not really.

Apparently Boxing Day is an actual holiday in Canada and the United Kingdom, dating back as far as 1663.

According to USA Today, it came from the tradition of "Christmas boxes," gifts of money or goods given to tradespeople and servants on the day after Christmas.  Those folks would have to wait on work on Christmas day and would have to wait until the day after to celebrate the season with their families and employers would give them boxes to take home containing gifts, bonuses and, sometimes, leftover food.

Boxing Day is now an official holiday in those countries, and seems like it's similar to Black Friday as it's now become their second biggest shopping day of the  year.  So happy Boxing Day, and I hope you have a fantastic new year.

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