Looking for a cool, creative new way to wrap your presents this Christmas? I've got a super simple holiday hack that will make sure your presents are the stars of the season!

All you need is a roll of black wrapping paper, tape, metallic Sharpies, and a few bows. You can get the paper at Micheal's, and I've been using the same set of Sharpies for three Christmases now. You can get about 25-30 presents out of a single roll of paper, which makes this hack both cool AND cheap.

I do one present at a time. I'll wrap it, then I use the Sharpies to decorate it. I'll write the usual to/from stuff on there, but I'll also draw pictures or add a quote from the recipient's favorite Christmas movie. When I am done, I'll slap on some ribbons and bows and toss that bad boy under the tree.

It's a fun and funky way to add some personality to your presents this year--so try it out!

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