Going into the 2019 CMA Awards, a lot of country music fans and artists favored Carrie Underwood to win in the category of Entertainer of the Year. Miranda Lambert laid out the comprehensive logic behind why she thought Underwood deserved the trophy. Runaway June took that support a step further, saying that they were positive the iconic country star had the title in the bag.

At the end of the night, though, it was Garth Brooks who walked away with the event's highest honor, being crowned Entertainer of the Year for the seventh time in his career. Though Brooks is certainly deserving, and has enjoyed a milestone year of innovative touring, many thought Underwood got robbed -- especially on a night specifically geared to honor women in the genre.

Backstage after accepting his trophy, Brooks didn't directly address Underwood or her nomination. However, he did make it a point to mention several artists in the format who he thought deserved recognition.

"It's sweet being the Entertainer of the Year; it's always a wonderful thought. I'm also trying to remember whose name has been on for the last 365 days, and that's Keith Urban," he pointed out. "If Keith Urban's name is on an award, it's one you want. "

Brooks then turned his attention to this year's spotlight on female performers. "And then my favorite thing about this, it was on a historic night where country music salutes women," he went on to say. "Being married to one of the greatest female singers on the planet, no matter what genre of music it is, and then being the father of three daughters, I like the message tonight that the future is infinite."

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