Ridgefest starts Friday; it's a hot new ATV event at The Ridge in Springville, Alabama. After a day of hitting over 35 miles of trails, swing back to your campsite and try one of these easy recipes. They're fast, easy, and fun to cook in the campfire.

  • The Dirty Gourmet
    The Dirty Gourmet

    Campfire Quesadillas

    These quesadillas are so easy to make. The recipe calls for corn and mushrooms, but you can subsitute any ingredient you like for customize-able campfire quesadillas.

  • PaulaDeen.com

    Hobo Hamburger Packets

    I remember making these bad boys when I was a Girl Scout back in the day. I have made them on just about every camping excursion since. You know these hobo packs are delish, as the recipe belongs to the one and only Paula Deen.

  • Echoes of Laughter
    Echoes of Laughter

    Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    Cake in a campfire--whuuuut? I'm serious about my desserts, and I would have never thought of something as awesome as this. I'm going to be straight with you here: this is obviously a dessert food. but I am more than likely making it for breakfast at my campsite.

  • Betty Crocker
    Betty Crocker

    Grilled Tex Mex Nacho Packets

    Betty Crocker, you are a genius. I never think outside the box when it comes to campfire recipes. I'm over here thinking burnt hotdogs on a stick, and here you are like, "Gourmet Nachos, y'all."

    Jokes aside, this recipe is super easy. Let the kids help you make the tinfoil packets--they can even make their own dinners so even the picky eaters will be appeased.

  • ComeTogetherKids

    Campfire Cones

    There is no way I would or could make this list without some variation of smores. These Campfire Cones are next-level genius--you fill the ice cream cones with smores ingredients (or whatever sweets you prefer), wrap them up in foil, and cook by the campfire or on the grill. So easy, and so much fun!

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