With Fathers Day weekend a week away, we’re all asking the same thing...What can I get for Dad this year?  If you’ve already found the perfect gift for your Dad, let us know, you’re way ahead of the rest of us.  If not, let’s start with what kind of Dad do you have?  Is he a DIY Dad, or a gadget Dad, maybe he’s a sporty outdoorsy kind of Dad.  Let’s see if we can come up with a couple ideas.  So what does Dad want?  

Start with something he would enjoy and make his life better, and not something that makes more work for him.  These would be good ideas for me.

-A new portable chair.  One of the nice ones thats big & roomy with cup holders on both arms
-A new grill
-A bluetooth wireless speaker for his music
-New sandals

The key is to spend a little time thinking about what Dad likes and is interested in and finding something that fits him!  Got a great Fathers Day idea, share it with us.  You can bet someone else can use the help so they don’t have to go pick out another tie

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