Jack the kangaroo is causing quite the commotion down the road in Winfield, Alabama.

Jack was being transported to Tennessee. Apparently Jack is not a Tennessee fan. That is understandable. The elusive kangaroo got loose as he was being unloaded at a temporary stop in Winfield. He hopped quickly into the woods.

The search started immediately.
Fox 6 reports there were three separate close calls for Jack. But Jack proved too much for his wannabe captors.

As of Tuesday morning Jack the kangaroo is still on the loose.
Seems much of Winfield is either looking for Jack or at least talking about him.

I must confess, I’m pulling for Jack. Somebody joked on social media that kangaroo sightings in Winfield has already resulted in 3 people calling to join AA! At least we believe it was a joke.

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