Druid City Brewing Company was the first of now three Tuscaloosa breweries to start brewing legally in town and they've become the first to put that beer into bottles! 

For their first mass production they chose to bottle the cozy, full flavored Downtown North Porter, aptly named to honor our neighboring city. The Downtown North Porter first hits your senses with a strong chocolate and caramel aroma, followed by a a sweet vanilla coating across the palette.

The better description on the bottle reads, "The Downtown North Porter is a full-bodied malt bomb with rich chocolate and vanilla flavors from beginning to end. While this Porter is hosting a multitude of malt profiles for roasty flavor, it is also joined by the addition of vanilla bean to give this big beer and velvety finish."

This first run was hand bottled and are available in a limited edition batch of only 192, each numbered and signed. The only places selling the 22-ounce bomber bottles are 'Loosa Brews at 412 20th Avenue, Spirits on McFarland Blvd in Northport and on Rice Mine Road, and Corks & Tops on Paul W. Bryant Drive.

I'll give my two cents and say that I don't remember being a fan of any Porter until I tried the Downtown North Porter. This beer is the liquid equivalent of a comfort food. As a matter of fact, my love for this brew is so criminal that when I walk into the Druid City taproom at 607 14th Street at Parkview Center, across from Oz Music, the bartenders usually say, "Mooooonk! North Porter?"

Monk and Bo Hicks of DCBC
Monk and Bo Hicks of DCBC

Druid City Brewing's co-owner and head brewmaster Bo Hicks told AL.com's Ben Flanagan,

We really wanted something on the shelves so that people that might not go to bars and restaurants could see that there are people doing great work here in Tuscaloosa. It's something that our brother and sister breweries -- Black Warrior and Band of Brothers -- are going to offer. It's something that we really wanted to highlight our craft here in Tuscaloosa.

Be a part of history. Try and get your hands on a bottle or two and celebrate as well as support local business. Flush some money into our economy and some smooth suds down across the back of your gullet!

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