Many of us love to take mini-vacations and want to visit somewhere where we can put our toes in the sand and have a spectacular view.  The beaches of Alabama and Georgia have become a “don’t touch” zone.  Picture a beach…if I ask you what is your first thought when I say the color pink?

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What would the answer be? Is it a sunrise, sunset, or drinks with little umbrellas in them? Well, I said Bikinis!

Okay, being politically correct at the moment I would like to change my answer to swimsuits.

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Yet none of the answers above are the correct answer.

Don’t forget to watch the video link at the end of this story!

The sugar sand beaches have become a hot zone for a sea creature that is normally not an Alabama or Georgia beach staple.

We are being invaded by what marine biologists call the pink meanie.

Victoria's Secret PINK Nation Hosts Spring Break Bash In Cancun, Mexico
Dimitrios Kambouris

I know, good name for a band, but not a dangerous sea creature. The Drymonema Iarsoni, aka the Pink Meanie, was first seen on our beloved Alabama beaches in 2000.  With Halloween around the corner, these animals are frightening!

They can weigh above 50 pounds and their stinging tentacles can reach up to 70 feet. In 2000, on Dauphin Island Alabama, this was documented.  I told you this pretty pink creature is frightening!

So what does the “Pink Meanie” eat? Well to be exact, they love to snack on Moon Jellyfish.

Courtesy of Crystal Ford/ Panama City Beach Florida
Courtesy of Crystal Ford/ Panama City Beach Florida

What do the shores of the gulf coast have in abundance right now? Well, the pink meanie’s favorite snack of course! The Moon Jellyfish!  By now I think you have figured out what the pink meanie is, a pretty pink jellyfish! Do Not Touch It!

It can be a very painful lesson!


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