This is probably the pettiest, most ridiculous waste of anyone's time in the history of mankind. It's also a startling example of the government's growing overreach. Just sayin'.

A man was grilling in his back yard when he received a visit from a Pinellas County Florida official who was responding to a neighbor's complaint that the BBQ smell wafting from his yard was a nuisance. The official warned the home owner that he needed to contain the smoke/smell to within his own yard or he would be in violation of the law.


Evidently, there's a history between the two because the complainant called the Environmental Agency after initial calls to the police and fire department proved unfruitful.

To their credit, the gentlemen in the video seemed both incredulous and amused by the official's warning. They handled themselves much differently than I felt just watching the video. Please note, there's some mild language in the video.