Your girl is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest in beauty, and I found something pretty awesome in my weekly trip to Target.  I was waiting in line for the checkout lane and my eye caught the Soap & Glory display in the cosmetics section. I noticed the packaging for their lip gloss--it claimed to help create fuller lips. And it was just $9, so I was DOWN.

The name of this product was also a selling point for me, as it's called "Sexy Mother Pucker." It uses some sort of natural plant extracts to promote circulation, which makes your lips feel fuller. Your lips get this little tingly feeling after you've applied it, which is super strange at first, but eventually feels awesome.

I think it actually works! For just $9, it's a steal. I mean, it's only temporary and isn't giving me the Angelina Jolie kinda lips you'd get from a collagen injection, but again: it's just $9. Awesome.


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