Korean Beauty products are one of today's hottest trends, and The Steve Shannon Morning Show crew took one for a test drive in studio today--with pretty hilarious results!

I recently ordered this new KBeauty lip stain. It's called Oops! My Berry Lip Tint from a Korean company named Berrisom. You put the stain on, and it's suuuper thick. You let it dry, and then it peels off! You're left with a long-lasting lip color that looks natural--almost as if you just finished eating a popsicle.

Here's the thing--you have to wait ten minutes for the lip stain to dry... so when I, Michael, and Lena put it on--we couldn't talk like normal people for a solid 8 minutes. Steve thought it was hilarious. The stain goes on super intense--here we are after we applied the product.

Sexy,right? We couldn't talk, and Steve was ROLLING. He tried to get us to say tongue twisters--we all sounded like we'd just had bad Botox in the back of some dude's Chevy van. After the product tried, it was time to peel it off. Here's the moment of truth.

It felt like peeling Elmer's glue off my lips. It was weird, but kind of fun! Here's the squad a few minutes later.

How is this my job again? I have way too much fun on The Steve Shannon Morning Show!

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