The 4th of July fireworks cause us to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the explosion of colors. For our pets, it can cause major anxiety.

How do we keep our pets safe and calm during the fireworks we know are here with more coming?

The bright lights and the booming sounds can become a situation where our pets can get injured or die.

No one wants to see their fur-baby bolt into traffic because of a bottle rocket or firecracker.

So what can we do to keep Fido safe?

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1) Some people swear by what is called a "thunder blanket."

This is a vest that can be worn by cats and dogs. The way this works is it creates pressure which makes your pet feel like you are hugging them. This is used by people who have pets that suffer from separation anxiety and pets who are scared of storms.

Plus, side it helps with the celebration fireworks on the 4th of July.

2) Consider keeping your pets indoors during any fireworks.

If this is an option for you make sure the room is escape-proof and window free. Pets are clever, this I know firsthand. Keep the room darkened and place their bedding or a blanket with them so they feel safe and secure.

Possibly place a radio with soft music playing in the background to drown out the sound of the fireworks.

3) Some people do contact their veterinarian because you can get medication to calm your pets.

Yet, if you live where I live, that could be costly since the 4th of July week has begun 4 days ago. Yet, that is an option some people consider. Anxiety medication will help keep your pet calm during the 4th of July firework shows.

4) Fireworks contain ingredients that can harm our pets.

If you plan on being the one having a backyard show, please make sure you clean up the yard before you let your pets roam free. Nothing is worse than a sick pet when that illness can be prevented.

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