Cole Swindell has revealed a couple of the songs from his upcoming studio album in concert, but the one that is sure to crumple his audience is still a secret. The "Breakup In the End" singer tells Taste of Country Nights that "Dad's Old Number" is "just gonna rip people’s hearts out.”

Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill co-wrote the song with him in mind, Swindell says. “I’ve been through that," he says. "You lose people and you still have their phone number in your phone and it’s hard not to dial them up even though you do it anyway just to see who’s got it.”

The 34-year-old's father died in 2013, not long after he'd started to enjoy some success as an artist. The song and music video for "You Should Be Here" recalls Swindell's experience. He wrote that song with Ashley Gorley.

"Reason to Drink" is the name of Swindell's current tour with Lauren Alaina and Chris Janson, and the name of a song on the album. From there he was tight-lipped, but said there was a '90s country-inspired song that he'd love to get a great '90s country female to join him on. As of now, there are no known collaborations for a project that is tentatively slated for late summer.

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