I've always put up my own Christmas lights and decorations but his year I have considered venturing out. I have had some Clark Griswold-esk experienced in the past. So who do you call?  I did a quick Google search and found this:

Christmas Lights
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The guys at Bama Exterminating do Christmas Lights. A local outfit with a nice Website. They were one of the first listings on Google when I searched "Christmas lights install Tuscaloosa" You can contact Glenn Bridges. Their site says they service the Birmingham, Northport and Tuscaloosa area. (205) 344-9311

Holiday Lighting Pros show up in Google search too but the 866 number and the website leads me to believe they may be operating from afar.
Lighting Providers also show up on the first page of Google. They also look like an out of town, out of state operation with an 866 number and a sub-par website.
I didn't look past the first page of Google so if I decide to hire out my house decorations I'll roll local with the Bama Exterminating guys. If you install Christmas decor and want to be mentioned here, just leave a comment in the comment section below.

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