Action star Bruce Willis will begin filming his latest movie in Mobile, Alabama and they are currently looking for extras.

The thriller titled 'Extraction' will begin filming on February 9 and the Mobile Film Office has posted a casting call. If you would love the chance to appear in the film, send two recent photos (one close up and one full body) to They ask that you include your name, age, height, weight and phone number.

The film is expected to open in 2016 according to IMDB. For those that are curiours, Deadline has this short synopsis of the movie:

Willis plays a former CIA operative who hasn’t been the same since his wife was murdered. His son is a fresh young CIA operative following in his footsteps and with his father they are working on the development of a super-weapon called the Condor, when dad is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Learning that there is no plan for his father to be saved, Harry launches his own rescue operation. It leads to a conspiracy that will change his life forever.

The most important thing you can do to have a chance at getting cast is follow all of the submission instructions and include clear pictures of yourself. For more casting tips, checkout this Q&A from

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