THIS IS BIG!  So today w'eve learned the Big Ten Conference will only play a conference schedule this year.  I think this means whomever wins the Ohio St vs Michigan game will be declared the national champion of college football. (#sarcasm)  Seriously, will the dominoes now begin to fall with other conferences making the same decision?

Hey, If I'm the Pac-10 I'm thinking about my pride and joy called USC and what looks to be another Alabama thrashing like last time. (52-6 i think and the funny part is i can't remember what i had for super last night.)  As far as the SEC making a decision like this, time will tell.

According to 24/7Sports, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said, It’s different than the professional conversation. The best example I can give is to go back to March. We all made independent decisions to stop our basketball tournament, but came to the same conclusions. The result of what’s happened is among the autonomy conferences, those of us in the (Power) Five — ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 and myself — we talk every day. We have medical committees; they talk every week. That will be a big part of guiding us forward.”



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