I can remember, as a kid, going to McDonald's in my hometown of Gadsden. Our favorite location was the one located on Rainbow Drive across from the Gadsden Mall.

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As a child, the Happy Meal was what I got every time just for the toy that was inside. I can remember playing in the McDonald’s playground, going down the slide no matter how hot it was. Believe me - there is nothing that burns like those slides in the summertime.

McDonald's Reports 3 Percent Drop In Revenue In Second Quarter
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We all have memories of McDonald’s, but something is about to change at the home of the “Big Mac.” In an email to AP News, the Chicago-based restaurant chain has announced it will be phasing out its self-service drink stations.

UK Eases Some Restrictions In Eighth Week Of Coronavirus Lockdown
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The company stated in the email its goal for phasing out the self-service drink stations is to encourage consistency for customers and crew members. The company has seen an increase in digital and online delivery sales since the pandemic. This could be a reason for the company’s move to phase out self-service. All the self-service stations are scheduled to be phased out by 2032.

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