Alright, I'm going to be the old man once again here in Tuscaloosa, but I've noticed another troubling trend in the city of champions and it's one that confuses me to no end.

How do y'all not know how to park? I's basically like coloring in a book without going over the lines. To be fair though, any teacher I had in elementary school could've told you I had trouble with that too. But our cars are way more important than a silly little coloring book of course.

What's most silly about this whole thing is that we all know that parking in Tuscaloosa is about as fun as being an Auburn Football fan. Obviously disappointing is the word we're looking for.

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But we all know how things are downtown, on campus at the University of Alabama, and most importantly how annoying parking is on an Alabama Football gameday (don't get anybody started on that) so where do get better from here.

Well first, it might help if we repainted the lines haha. I've noticed it's been a while since the lines have been repainted, which obviously makes it harder to notice which is and isn't a parking spot. Secondly, looking at the said lines would be a good start. I can't tell you how many times I've checked via my backup camera on my car to make sure that my back end isn't in another spot. And most importantly, remember to open the door and make sure you in the lines.

Let's just pretend it's a gameday in Tuscaloosa so we can fit as many people in parking lots as we can!

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