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Dr. Ramesh Peramsetty has provided primary & urgent medical care for Tuscaloosa since 1998. Dr. P remains one of the most popular and recognized names practicing medicine in West Alabama.

dr p
dr p

Dr. Peramsetty answered 3 questions on the 953 Bear Steve & DC Morning Show you may find helpful.

Hear about 7 day a week urgent care available for your kids, without an appointment.
Also, what happens when you stop using popular weight loss medications like Ozympic?
And, Dr. Peramsetty discusses stroke symptoms and preventing strokes.

Listen to Dr. Peramsetty here…..

Dr. Peramsetty’s services include:
Crimson Care on Veterans
Crimson Care on Skyland
First Kid’s at Crimson Care
Crimson Care Counseling
Allegra Clinic
Alabama Family Medical Center
First Kid’s Urgent Care
Tuscaloosa MedSpa
Tuscaloosa Weight Loss
Tuscaloosa Men’s Clinic
First PT Physical Therapy
Crimson Village Senior Living
Legacy Assisted Living

Contact at www.crimsoncare.com

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