We are all aware of the hazards we face when the holiday season begins, but what could possibly be considered a hazard when taking down those holiday lights? Falling off a ladder, slipping off a roof, getting a nice jolt of electricity…but what about something being wrapped in our outdoor lights? Scroll down to see the video of what I'm talking about.
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A tangled mess of lights is enough to drive us crazy, but, what if there was a critter wound up in the wad of lights? Yes, you will have to scroll below to see the video of what someone has found.  I can picture maybe a spider, scorpion, bird, or maybe even a squirrel…


Yet, I would have never pictured a snake!! Yes, a SNAKE!! Now I know our weather has been a bit wild lately, I would even dare to say that Mother Nature can’t decide on hot or cold.  Would this shift in weather cause a snake to look for a bit of warmth from a string of lights? Actually, it is possible. It happens more often than you think.  Alabamians have found a variety of creepy crawlers in their lights, trees, and holiday decorations. Click the link below to see the entire terrifying video.


Most of our critters have been found in the storage containers which house our decorations.  This is why I carefully open all boxes and bins before bringing them indoors or sticking my hands inside them. Yet, I would have never dreamed that when it’s time to take them down,  to double check if there are any “extra” accessories.

So before you reach for those lights and carefully pack them away, make sure the coast is clear of any critters.

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