The digital age has brought us many benefits. We can bank, shop and even meet virtually, thanks to technology. But with new tech comes new opportunities for someone to attempt to scam us for our money.

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An earlier article mentioned a technique that scammers use called “spoofing.” Scammers will use software to make the number they call you from look like a legitimate call from a business in order to try to get your personal information.

Some will even go so far as to call unsuspecting victims and pretend to be tech support and get their victims to download software that gives the scammers access to their computers.

Financial scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning that scammers are stepping up their game with a new scam pretending to be the victim's bank or financial institution, according to The scammers will try to get victims to transfer money to a bogus account. So far, scammers have stolen over $540 million this year. Most victims are over the age of 60.

How does the scam work?

The scammer will call a victim and say they work for their bank, claiming there's a problem with an account. They'll say a hacker from another country has hacked your account and to transfer money to a “safe” government account, which, in actuality, is the scammer's account.

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What can I do to protect myself from it?

Here are some tips to help you stay aware and keep you from becoming a victim of this scam, according to Komando:

  • If you get an unexpected notification, whether it be a pop-up or email on your computer or a text message on your phone, odds are it’s a scam.
  • Verify the message through a legitimate source such as the bank's website or known phone number.
  • A legitimate bank or government entity will never ask you to wire money. If this is asked to be done, it's more than likely a scam.

Feel you have been a victim of this or another type of scam? File a report with the FBI through its website,

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