Even the toilet isn't safe anymore.

We already know that the government listens on our phones...but now they want to keep an eye on KIDS in the bathroom??

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Sign of the Times

This craziness is happening right here in Dothan, Alabama, at schools in Houston County.

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A report from WTVY noted that the school superintendent, Brandy White, wanted the bathroom cams installed soon--by the end of the year.

But maybe let's slow down and think about this instead. I can understand having security cameras in school hallways or outside of buildings...there might be fights, thefts or weirdos hanging around the school.

Shouldn't the BATHROOM be private, though? School is stressful, people have their eyes on you 24/7, I think we all could use just one place to have some privacy.

Plus, isn't there some kind of law against this?

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Stay Outside of the Bathroom

Russ Goodman, a District Attorney for Houston County, spoke to WDHN and said that in Alabama, you generally can't put a camera in a place where people have a "reasonable expectation of privacy."

However, Goodman said that "there is no statute" about specific placement of cameras. Plus, compared to adults, students actually have fewer rights in school. (For example, the school can search your locker if they want.)

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Bathroom Privacy

Superintendent White promised that the students' privacy will be protected.

In the interview with WTVY, he noted that cameras wouldn't be able to see stalls, stall doorways, or "mirrors that would reflect any of those things."

White explained the whole point of this was to help prevent bullying.

Well...I sure hope that works.

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