A man in Fayette County is in critical condition after being attacked by dogs.

WBRC reported that William Traweek was attacked on Monday in Berry, Alabama. The 52-year-old was "not even a mile from downtown Berry," when the incident happened.

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The Attack

Local police chief, Gerald Deadeaux, provided more details to WBRC. He explained Traweek had experienced car trouble and "decided to walk the half-mile or so to his brother's house."

Chief Dedeaux said Traweek was actually familiar with the animals, "[B]ut he walked up with sunglasses and hat on and when he turned to leave..."

That was when the dogs attacked.

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There were reportedly five dogs present, and the pack became violent, even pulling Traweek "some 25 yards" from the initial point of attack. It wasn't until a passerby showed up that Traweek was able to gain the upper hand.

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Help Arrives

Chief Dedeaux reported that a nurse drove by and took action. "[She rolled the window down and hollered," he said. "[T]hey ran, and she rendered aid."

William Traweek's family informed WBRC that he "suffered major dog bites and has had multiple surgeries." His niece, Angel Traweek, said he may have lost use of his arms and legs.

Dog owners can be held liable if their pet injures someone. However, since the dogs are strays, there is no one to be held responsible.

Instead, the police chief reported that two of the dogs had been captured and put down, with a search for the others.

This is not the first incident of a stray dog attack in Alabama this year. Back in March, a man was killed by a pack of dogs in Jefferson County.

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