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Meghan Sealy put her young son Jack in the car for a routine trip to Taco Casa and Target.

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The drive quickly turned from routine to terrifying. Meghan agreed to allow us to share her story hoping that it would serve as a warning for others.

Meaghan said "I am still trying to process what happened to Jack and I today. I had a few errands to run. So, I got ready, got Jack loaded, and off we went. I was hungry so we stopped at Taco Casa in Northport and got some tacos. Off we go down 82 and I am eating my tacos driving to Target. Jack had just fallen asleep and I was turning on some music when I look in the rearview mirror and I see someone on my tail. I slowed down in hopes that she would back off. I then waved my hand in hopes that she would back off. I then waved my hand for her to go around me and she wasn't budging. I tapped on my brakes a few times and she just continued to get as close as she possibly could to my car. I began switching lanes and she followed me. I turned my blinker on to turn off on Rice Mine and again she followed me. So, I quickly got back on 82. Everything I did, she did the same. At that point, I decided to call 911 because it was clear she wasn't stopping and I had Jack in the backseat. I was scared she may have had a weapon or something. I called 911 and they told me to go to the nearest precinct in hopes that she would stop following me. By that time, I was past University Blvd and almost to the mall. I turned left into the Texas Roadhouse parking lot and again she followed me as close as she could get.

Pictured: A Texas Roadhouse restaurant
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Dispatch told me the closest precinct to me was the one in Alberta so I immediately pulled out back onto 82 and got off on University. Again, she's still following me. Dispatch asked me to turn my hazards on and she did the same. By this time, I am fully freaking out but not crying yet. I pull into the precinct parking lot and again she follows. I continue to make loops and loops around the parking lot and she still follows me. At times it looked like she was trying to get beside me so I made sure to stay in the middle of the road so she couldn't get around me. I stopped by a police car hoping that she would stop and bam, she hits my car. Now, I am crying hysterically. I took a few more loops just to try and get away from her. Finally, after what seemed like 30 minutes, 5 police cars pull in with sirens on and the cops get out of their cars. They tell her to put it in park and asked me to go park in a spot. The police came over and asked me what happened and asked if we were okay. Thankfully we were. They talked to the woman and all she could say was 'I saw the baby on board sign and was making sure the baby was okay.’ Hmmmm.

The lady was questioned by the police. Meghan’s story is a great example of how to handle a frightening situation while driving.

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