Time to pull out your dimes and quarters!


Alabama, I have found some coins that could be worth over $9000.00! That’s a whole bunch of bills that can line our wallets versus taking up space in our cup holders, jars, or coin purses.

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Which coins are we looking for exactly? Well, 2 coins were minted in 1965 that can line our pockets with some serious cash.  We are searching for quarters and dimes.  A 1965 quarter has sold for over $7000.00 and the 1965 dime has sold for $9000.00. So what minting errors are we looking for?

For starters, it’s an error that we don’t need to use a magnifying glass to find. So it’s not a die error or double minting we're looking for.

A brief history lesson that leads to our search. Quarters and dimes from 1964 were minted from 90% silver…how does this information help us with the 1965 coins we are looking for?

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The US Mint made a mistake and some quarters and dimes from 1965 were mistakenly minted with 90% silver.  Those are the coins we are looking for.  So how do we know which were minted from 90% silver? Stack up those 1965 dimes and quarters and look at the rim of those coins.

The coins were are looking for have a very distinctive silver rim.  If you happen to see the silver rim you have found a coin worth thousands of dollars!

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