This past Saturday, ESPN featured a seven-minute segment on Adam Griffith, the kicker for Alabama.

Griffith's story is heartwarming to say the least. Born in Poland, he was the son of an alcoholic mother and a father who was serving time in prison. He was sent to an orphanage where he began smoking at six-years old. By ten he was drinking. Nights were spent sleeping in parks.

Griffith said when he looks back today, he's not proud of some of the things he did over there but 'that's what you had to do,' he says.

Against the odds, Adam Griffith found a new home in the United States after a Georgia couple adopted him after seeing him on an adoption website. He flourished in their care and eventual found himself as the kicker for Alabama.

Life was good but ghosts have a way of haunting you from the shadows. Griffith recently returned home to Poland to face them head on.

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