Alabama Football is a way of life in Tuscaloosa, and living here makes it even more special. Crimson Tide fans always ask me, "who's gonna give us the most trouble this year?"  This year, nobody is asking that question, most already feel like it's the dad gum Tigers out of Baton Rouge.  Yeah, i know they beat us last year (for the 1st time in 9 years) and many LSU fans think they go undefeated this year, but I ain't buying it.

I'm just not sold on LSU this year and I'm more interested right now in how Coach O (also known as the voice of Cookie Monster) will reload with only eight returning starters in 2020.  LSU is always super talented and when they meet Bama on any field it's always a special kinda BIG BOY FOOTBALL.  Heck, it's my favorite game every November, and this year it's at their house....(insert dramatic stager music here) DEATH VALLEY!

Oh, how we Bama fans want to return the favor of beating em on their field while knowing this time, they aint got ole Joe Burrow to bail em out on 3rd downs.  Since 2007, the rivalry has been really heated following Alabama's hiring of former LSU head coach Nick Saban who looks much better in Crimson.

I think Bama wins big at Death Valley this year, and yeah I know i'm doing some big talking way in advance of SEC football coming this fall.  According to Wikipedia, the 46 points given up by the 'Bama defense last year versus LSU was the most points scored since Saban came to Tuscaloosa.  I just can't see that happening again anytime soon.  #RollTide #WildBillShow

Alabama v Duke
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