It's 2014, and I'm pretty sure you all know that anything you say or post on the internet can come back to haunt you. Everyone knows that, right? I mean it's common knowledge. EVERYONE gets it--well, everyone but former Travel Channel star Adam Richman.

You probably remember Adam from the show Man vs. Food--he was the dude always eating like 85 pound pizzas or thirty burritos in nine minutes. It was a good show. I liked it. I thought Adam seemed like a funny, down-to-Earth dude--the kind of dude you'd want to be friends with in real life. He seemed so nice.

Adam recently dropped a ton of weight. I thought he looked hot before, but kudos to him for getting serious about his health. He'd been sporting his slim and trim phsyique on magazine covers and talk shows, and he even had a new show set to premiere: Man Finds Food, in which Adam scours cities across America for the best "secret" menus. Everything was looking up for the former competitive eater until he stirred up some serious drama on Instagram.

Here's my super abbreviated/abridged version of what went down: Adam posted a photo of his bod on Instagram and tagged it "#thinspiration." A woman commented on Adam's photo, letting him know of the controversial nature of the hashtag he used. "Thinspiration" is a controversial topic.* Instead of being cool about it, Adam LOST IT and starting hating on her hard. Others called Adam out for being ridiculous, and he said even more nasty things.

I mean, SUPER hardcore mean things. Things I couldn't even say on-air without getting a huge FCC fine and being fired on the spot. He even went so far as to suggest one commenter should commit suicide. SERIOUSLY. Who says stuff like that? Who can ever be THAT mean?

Adam Richman can. You can read what Adam said in this piece from xojane--it's from Amber Sarah, the woman whose comments ignited Adam's diatribe.

Adam offered an apology on Instagram and Twitter, but it wasn't enough to stop the social media backlash. He tried to delete the photo that started the firestorm, but it was too late. As a result, the Travel Channel has suspended Man Finds Food indefinitely. The network hasn't commented on any of Adam's behavior to date, but their suspension of his show speaks volumes.

What do you think? Did Adam deserve to have his show postponed? Cast your vote in the poll below.

*"Thinspiration" originated in pro-ana communities online as a way to encourage those with anorexia or bulimia to "stay strong" and not deviate from their harmful weight loss methods. Read more about why it's harmful here.


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