The former University of Alabama running back Alvin Kamara has been doing his thing in the NFL for almost 10 seasons.

From the footage, you can see that he's never been afraid of the endzone, he spends quite a bit of time there with 47 career touchdowns according to ESPN.

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From his recent social media posts, it looks like he's not afraid to call out his fans either.

Recently, Alvin Kamara put a young fan on blast after receiving an unexpected message in his inbox.

Alvin Kamara responded to a fan, " If I snapshot this and send it to your head coach at hokes what happens?"

That was in response to a racial slur sent to his inbox from a young fan.

One day people are going to learn that you can't just say anything to celebrities.

In my opinion, thinking that they'll never see it isn't a good reason to send someone some nonsense, especially a racial slur.

When asked by Kamara if he uses that word at school the fan responded. "It's not in my vocabulary I don't know why I said it here."

Caution. Some may find the language used in the post below offensive


It seems like the fan got more than what he bargained for after sending the message.

Not only did Kamara see and respond to the message but he also posted it and the fan claimed to have been harassed after the message was made public.

Do you think the fan truly learned his lesson after the messages were posted?

Was Alvin Kamara wrong for posting the private message to his page?

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