University of Alabama student Emily Barron has a hot take on Crimson Tide Football--she says games just aren't FUN anymore. 

If you feel like having a rage stroke, check out her dissertation on the supposed suckitude of Alabama games HERE. I can save you the click with a simple summary: she thinks games are boring because the Tide wins all the time. She thinks people care more about tailgating and partying than football, and she thinks that games are ruined by college girls who take selfies in Bryant-Denny and "don't understand" football.

Y'all ready for my clapback?

First of all, Emily: it's a HARD PASS from me on the inherent misogyny in this lil' think piece. I am an outspoken feminist, and that means I never hate on my fellow ladies. If a college girl wants to look hot and document that hotness with a selfie in Bryant-Denny (aka the Lord's House), who am I to judge? I see a chick in a little romper and heels and think, "Go on and do the dang thing, girl!" Also: I go to games to watch football, not to be petty and pass judgement on other people, but whatever.

And complaining that too many girls don't "understand" football is sexist BS. I can't tell you how many times I've had to prove to some rando dude that I am a REAL fan by reciting the full name, blood type, and heckin' social security number of every Alabama linebacker. Now you're going to tell me I have to prove it to YOU, too? No. No. HECK NO. You don't have to have the daggum NCAA rule book memorized to be able to attend an Alabama game, nor should you.

You say that tailgating and partying is "more important" than the actual game. Okay. Two part question for ya: A) with whom are you hanging out and B) why do you care? It's the SEC. I am an old woman (I'm 33) and even I am not bothered by college kids who party. It's what people do. I am not interested in your brochure on the Temperance Movement.

Let's get to the thing that's really got me heated: your claim that games are "boring" because we win all the time. No. Girl, no. I have been an Alabama fan my entire LIFE. I lived through a time when I was excited to be bowl eligible, and the success of the Saban era is a welcome change. You're seriously telling me that 3rd Quarter pass from Tua to Jerry Jeudy when we were up by like 85289459 points against Vandy was BORING? It's BORING when we win? It's BORING when we dominate? Winning a natty is BORING? Get out of here.

You know how Alabama is able to dominate? Those men work 24/7: training, practice, more training, more practice--all in addition to a full college schedule. The precision and skill that bores you to tears is the result of someone else's sweat and blood, so... get over it.

My suggestion is to flounce, chicka. Give your tickets to literally anyone else. I'll take them off your (oh-so-bored) hands.

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