About a year ago, a single slice of Strawberry cake changed my life for the better. I was given one slice of a friends birthday cake, made by his loving mom. It was such a good piece of cake I officially changed my fav from Chocolate to Strawberry. Oh no, I'm not giving you any names because my Granddad always said "When you find a good fishing hole, it's best not to tell anybody!" 😁

Yesterday my friend's mom made ME a Strawberry Cake, just as good, and just for ME. (Web master please insert pic of excited fans at the Tuscaloosa amp please) It was an incredible surprise, not my birthday, no real reason and I was so excited. As i was eating my 4th slice of Strawberry heaven, my phone rang and i learned of my incredible granny being admitted in ICU after falling and breaking her hip. This news shook Shea and I and we appreciate any prayers.

I believe God knows what coming for me on a daily basis. I believe God sent that cake from a wonderful woman with a giving heart in advance of the news. I'm telling ya, the cake tastes like heaven to me, it's only logical thats where it came from.

I can't wait to share a piece of this cake with granny. She has dementia, and might not remember it 10 minutes later, but she'll giggle and smile while we eat it together.


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