In my opinion, Alabama brewers are leading the charge in the recent craft beer explosion and are producing some of the finest quality brews in the country. 

Of course, the majority of beer I drink is locally brewed as I am a staunch supporter of drinking locally but, if you follow me on the social drinking app Untappd, you'll notice I sample beer from all across our fine country and the world with over 450 unique check-ins.

Let me also say that there are spectacular beers being brewed in other areas as well. I don't want to take away from any of these breweries but this article is focused on Alabama beer.

I've learned in my travels, it's not about the size of the brewery, it's the heart and passion of the people brewing it. Literally, the best tasting beers I've had were brewed with love.

Lastly, let me add, these are my favorite beers right now. I've not had all the beers brewed in Alabama but plan to try my best to get to all of them, so this list will likely change. Maybe a few times a year, I can plan a new list as I make my rounds along the highways and byways of this great state.

These are listed in no particular order.


  • Good People Brewing Company
    Good People Brewing Company

    Snake Handler Double IPA


    One word... POW! This Birmingham brewed ass-kicker is the epitome of what a good, double IPA should taste like. With a huge hop presence, it has caramel tones that hit your taste buds on the front side along with a noticeable sweetness. The finish is piney with a sharp, almost liquor bite.

  • Black Warrior Brewing Company
    Black Warrior Brewing Company

    Angry Brown Ale


    One of the smoothest browns I've ever had. At first, you're greeted with the taste of caramel and roasted malt. Your nose then picks up on a subtle earthy hop characteristic. Black Warrior has combined three kinds of hops to knock this one out of the park.

  • Druid City Brewing
    Druid City Brewing

    Lamplighter IPA


    One of the most flavorful brews I've ever had! The combination of at least six different hops makes this floral beauty a palate pleaser in every way. The Lamplighter has a tropical tone with hints of lemon and maybe grapefruit.

  • Back Forty Beer Comany
    Back Forty Beer Comany

    Naked Pig Pale Ale


    The flagship brew for Back Forty, Naked Pig is a finely crafted, Alabama made pale ale. A combination of German malts and enormous Simcoe and Cascade hop additions give this beer a crisp, explosive flavor from start to finish. Naked Pig pairs perfectly at the dinner table with a juicy grilled steak.

  • Fairhope Brewing Comapny
    Fairhope Brewing Comapny

    I Drink Therefore I Amber


    Besides having one of the coolest names ever, this brew is a complex, impressive, hoppy amber. A slight hint of chocolate hits your nose before the earthy tasting foam grabs your taste buds. Some nutty coffee notes and maybe a smidgen of maple syrup take over after that. If I'm drinking local and drinking amber, I'm definitely grabbing one of these.

  • Blue Pants Brewery
    Blue Pants Brewery

    Pinstripe Stout with Coffee Added


    A winter seasonal for Blue Pants, the Pinstripe Stout is a robust combination of a traditional stout and locally roasted coffee. Of all of the coffee stouts I've tried, they've done the best at masking each individual flavor (coffee and beer) and made it a flavor all its own. The sweetness from the vanilla in the stout easily balances the acidity of the coffee and makes this one go down creamy and smooth.

  • Beer Engineers
    Beer Engineers

    Peanut Butter Porter


    My obsession with peanut butter easily carries over into this porter that is described as, "a peanut butter party in your mouth." That could not be more true. Each time I've enjoyed this beer with friends, I've hear nothing but sweet praises. With an ABV of 12%, this brew is both flavorful and rewarding!

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