I am moving, and (spoiler alert) packing sucks. I don't think I can pack another box, so here's a list of all the things I'd rather do that deal with this:

  1. Kick a hornet's nest
  2. Eat scraps out of the garbage disposal
  3. Take a bath in acetone
  4. Have someone I respect insult me to my face
  5. Never take another nap again
  6. Drink hot buttermilk
  7. Watch a Caillou marathon
  8. Run an actual marathon
  9. Walk barefoot through a thumbtack factory
  10. Get punched in the face
  11. Listen to Gilbert Godfried read 50 Shades of Grey
  12. Eat dry Metamucil
  13. Make out with Lou Holtz
  14. Change the oil on a dumptruck
  15. Apply for a mortgage
  16. Die
  17. Go to the 7th layer of hell
  18. Live in a house without air conditioning
  19. Be an Auburn fan (j/k I would NEVER)
  20. Drink bleach
  21. Clean a truckstop floor with a toothbrush
  22. Walk barefoot across blacktop in August
  23. Wait in line at the DMV
  24. Wash a garbage truck by hand
  25. Drive on McFarland Boulevard at 5pm

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