Folks we've heard so many great things since the Steve and DC Morning show came back.  And many of you have asked a very simple question:

"Can we get a podcast of the show?"

"Podcast when?"

"Where is the podcast?"

"Can you replay this part of the show? I had something to take care of and missed it."

"I missed the show, is there a replay somewhere?"

Ladies and Gentleman, we are very excited to announce that it's time to answer those questions.

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The Steve and DC Morning Show is now available in podcast form! And you can get it wherever you get your podcasts. And for those want a full replay, we've also got it covered.

EVERY weekday on our sister station Catfish 100.1 at 3 PM, you can hear a full replay of the show. Start to finish! So now you can hear Steve and DC in the morning and in the afternoon/evening.

So now, you can hear your favorite morning show anytime, anywhere.

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