It was a very busy breaking news weekend in the Tuscaloosa area.
And its not even football season.

It began Friday night with a standoff in the Northport Dreamland parking lot. It ended peacefully after tense negotiation. David Frank Barker was arrested after surrendering to police. He was armed with a knife. Multiple news outlets reported he had beat his ex-girlfriend until she was unconscious, bound & forced her into the attic, & stole her SUV.

There was a robbery at the 5 Points Subway late Friday night. Two bad guys demanded money at closing time. When told there was no money, one of the suspects shot the Subway employee in the chest. The bad guys have not been caught.

Finally, 3 pedestrians were hit by a car on Jack Warner Parkway, near the Indigo Hotel, on Friday night.

An especially busy weekend for law enforcement in our town. Be careful out there.

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